Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Meals and Socks - Thanksgiving Giving to Colorado Springs homeless

Another year has run by us all and the holidays are upon us once again.

While many people I know still talk about family events catered around lots of food, alcohol and football, MANY in our community - more so this year - have none of these luxuries, let alone a home to go to. Many are regularly homeless, while others are new to being without a home including entire families and couples just trying to get out of a sudden bad situation.

It is the goal of the Life Prime Foundation to help obtain and provide material resources for the homeless community through investment by our parent company Body Solutions Rx, that of Kenpo Karate of Woodland Park, and Coats for Canines, and others.

As we increase our knowledge of the needs in our community and move forward with obtaining more resources, both material and financial, it is our sincerest hope - hope with a PLAN! - that we create a greater positive impact in our community.

This Thanksgiving myself, and others from Kenpo Karate of Woodland Park and Coats for Canines, will be giving clothes and food to those in need who will have previously received a hot meal at the Marion House, and will later need more to eat. With the weather changing and a storm on the way, clothes for the pet companions of the homeless also need coats, and items such as socks are greatly undervalued but in great need for those out in the elements and without a home.

We will be located outside the Marion House in the adjacent park mid-afternoon.

Thank you for reading this entry and we wish you all the best this Thanksgiving holiday!

Yours In Health
 Daniel Riedel, CEO Body Solutions Rx and the Life Prime Foundation for Charitable Giving

422 E. Vermijo Ave, Ste. 19, Colorado Springs, CO 80903