FREE In-Office BioMat Therapy

Free To Local Clients and Guests!

Come to our offices for FREE time on Mini BioMat located in our waiting room.

The BioMat is highly researched and used for healing and symptom management for a variety of bodily issues.

Clients have use it for help with CANCER, FIBROMYALGIA, muscle cramps and strains, headaches, organ detoxification, weight loss, and much more.

While the BioMat is available to all people for sale and use in home, our focus at Body Solutions Rx is to offer this amazing therapeutic tool as a FREE service to our clients and guests.

While we prepare to offer a full size BioMat in our new offices, please contact us and let us know  you would enjoy sitting on our sofa while you rejuvenate with our Mini BioMat. Come, relax, read, or chat while using the Mini BioMat for health and healing today.

Use the CONTACT page on this Blog or our web site to let us know you would like to come in, or give a call - if we are on another line just let us know your interest and we will call you as quickly as possible.

We thank you for your continued support and interest in Body Solutions Rx and invite you to come for a FREE BioMat session during the week or Saturdays.

Yours In Health,
Daniel Riedel, CEO Body Solutions Rx and the Life Prime Foundation for Charitable Giving
(719) 228-9035

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