Charitable Giving - Local and National

The Life Prime Foundation plan for Charitable Giving


The purpose of our foundation is to obtain financial and material resources for the homeless in our local community as well as those around the country.

100% of ALL donations go toward helping those in need, and all management and support personnel work on a volunteer basis.

With a lot of hard work, and love, we do more than HOPE - We take ACTION to ensure we do our part to help the community in a proactive manner. A HAND UP, not a HAND OUT is our philosophy. One days like Thanksgiving when it is cold and snowy, however, a loving handout goes a long way.

Body Solutions Rx is pledging a yearly monetary donation of 7% of net proceeds, as well as personnel time spent volunteering to make it all happen.

Thank you taking the time to read this. Look for more to come as we develop in the week, months and years ahead!

Yours In Health,

Daniel Riedel, CEO Body Solutions Rx and the Life Prime Foundation for Charitable Giving

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